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Spanning 141,244 km2, the District of Cochrane is part of the James Bay Frontier travel area and boasts a wide variety of activities for all seasons: fishing, snowmobiling, hunting, golfing, canoeing and shopping. The major industries of forestry, mining and call centre employ a highly educated and bilingual workforce. The Cochrane District is a true cultural mosaic of First Nations people, French Canadians and English Canadians celebrating their cultural diversity in the fresh air of Northern Ontario.

The District of Cochrane Social Services Administration Board was established in February 1999 by provincial legislation as part of the Local Services Realignment. The CDSSAB was created through the consolidation of the Cochrane District Welfare Board and the City of Timmins Department of Social and Family Services to deliver Ontario Works and Children's Services throughout the District. In 2000, the CDSSAB gained responsibility for the contract management and direct delivery of Emergency Medical Services in Cochrane District. In 2001, Social Housing became CDSSAB's newest responsibility.




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