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Fee Subsidy for Licensing Childcare

Fee subsidy is available to provide financial assistance for childcare, to help parents or guardians to balance the demands of career and family while participating in the workforce or pursuing education or training. It can be used to support full and part time childcare in the licensed system as per the Day Nurseries Act (DNA), school based before and after school programs operated by Boards of Education or approved recreation programs that provide care for children six to twelve years of age. To be eligible for child care fee assistance:

family must reside with the District of Cochrane,
Parents must be employed or enrolled in an education or training program, or
must demonstrated child has a special or social need

Applicants must provide the Child Care Coordinator with relevant financial information. The CCC will determine the income of the applicant(s)/recipient(s) in order to accurately assess initial and ongoing eligibility.

The sliding scale Income Test is the basis of financial eligibility. The Adjusted income is as defined by the federal government for purposes of the Canada Child Tax Benefit (section 122.6 of the federal Income Tax Act). Families in receipt of fee subsidy with an adjusted income up to $20,000 are fully subsidized. Parental contribution toward the cost of child care for subsidized families is calculated at 10% of adjusted income over $20,000 plus 20% of adjusted income over $40,000. Families in which there are children with special needs may have their adjusted income reduced by the amount of any expenses related to the disability for which the parent is not reimbursed and for which there are not deductions under the Income Tax Act.



Telephone #


(705) 268-7722 ext.223


(705) 336-2984

Municipalities along Highway 11 between Matheson and Hearst

(705) 268-7722 ext. 223
1 877-259-7722 ext. 223

Childcare subsidy is also available to participants in Ontario Works if attending school, employment, or community placement. Participants in Ontario Works must contact their individual case manager to make arrangements.

The following is a list of Licensed Child Care Centres within the Cochrane District:


Cochrane Child Care Centre
(705) 272-4812
Garde d'Enfants
(705) 272-4393

Garderie Bouts de Chou
(705) 372-2810
Garderie Bouts de Chou, Ecole Catholique St. Anne's
(705) 372-2811
Agence Familigarde
(705) 372-2811

Iroquois Falls
Tanie's Tots Day Care Centre
(705) 232-5302

Kiddies' Korner Day Care
(705) 335-8000
Kiddie's Korner - Le Coin des Petits
(705) 335-8000

Tikinagan Day Care Centre
(705) 336-2913

Waweniwin Learning Centre

Moosonee Aboriginal Head Start Program

(705) 336-6055

ABC Early Childhood Education Centre
Moore Street Site
(705) 235-2424
St. Joe's Before and After School
(705) 235-2424
Bambi's Castle, Earl Miller Before and After School Program
(705) 268-6601
Garderie Clin d’oeil
Garderie Clin d'oeil, Theriault
(705) 268-7690
Garderie Clin d'oeil, Riverside
(705) 268-1172
Garderie Clin d'oeil, Rea Street S.
(705) 268-6353
Garderie Clin d'oeil, Sterling
(705) 268-1192
Kids Adventure Centre
(705) 264-0008
Northern Treasures Licensed Home Child Care
(705) 268-7722 ext. 275
Oppekehawasno Wekamik Centre (705) 268-6111
Precious Children Day Care (705) 268-7233
Timmins ABC Early Childhood Education Center

(705) 267-2221

Timmins Family Y.M.C.A.
St. Paul's Before and After School Recreational Program
(705) 360-4381
Y.M.C.A. Child Care Centre
(705) 360-4381




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