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Housing Services - Social Housing


Housing Services administers rent-geared-to-income assistance to eligible households in the Cochrane District. The department also manages a housing portfolio of 1289 units and 106 rent supplement units and administers the Housing Services Act 2011 for the various Non-Profit and Co-operative Housing Providers' portfolio of 800 units. Providers operate affordable housing projects that offer rental units at Market Rents and units that are eligible for rent-geared-to-income subsidy.

Housing assistance is provided to families, seniors, couples, single people and people with special needs in a variety of buildings; townhouses, apartments, single and semi-detached. Private landlords have also agreed to supply accommodation under our rent supplement program. Tenants are selected from our waiting list and pay the landlord rent-geared-to-income. Housing Services pays the difference between the tenants RGI and the full market rent for the unit.

Rent-geared-to-income assistance is intended for households with low or moderate income who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to find suitable, affordable housing in the private rental market. A commonly accepted standard of affordability is that costs should not exceed 30 percent of a household's gross income.

For additional information, link to Property Portfolio, Access, Eligibility, Rent and Application.


500 Algonquin Blvd. East
Timmins, Ontario
P4N 1B7

Telephone: (705) 268-7722
Toll Free: (877) 259-7722
Fax: (705) 268-8302

Access / Income Testing Property Management
S-senior, F-family

Maple/Brousseau 16F
491 Melrose Blvd. 42S
Vanier Street 10F
Randall Drive 11F
Emilie/Lamminen 24F
620 Park Avenue 12S
646 Bartleman Street 51S
58 Lakeview Road, South Porcupine 60S
McClinton/Spooner/Louise 6F
Lemoyne Street 12F
217 Pine Street North 103S
Sterling/Birch/Cedar 66F
615 College Street 51S
255 Lee Street 15S
Suzanne/Randall/Graham/Mountjoy 12F
Denise/Martin/Delia 6F
33 Sterling Ave East 61S
Rent Supplement Units 117
Wait List 06.07  
1-530 2-319 3-208 4-83 5-27 1167

Wabun/Wavey 20F
Niska Road 28S
Wavey/Moose 38F
Wabun/Bay 14F
City of Timmins Non-Profit Housing Corp.
Timmins (HS - CDSSAB)
Kenneth Crescent Non-Profit Homes Inc.
Porcupine (HS - CDSSAB)
Timmins Finish Seniors Homes Inc.
231 Huot St.
South Porcupine, On
P0N 1H0
Tel.: (705) 235-2410
Tisdale Whitney Housing Co-operative Inc.
900 Government Rd
Porcupine, On
P0N 1C0
Tel.: (705) 235-4292
Le Foyer des Aines Francophones de Timmins
44 Borden Ave., Timmins, On
P4N 8P1
Les Maisons Co-operative des Pins Gris Inc.
100 - 400 Shirley St.
Timmins, On
P4N 1M2
Tel.: (705) 268-3248
Kaleidoscope Co-operative Homes Inc.
1115 MacLean Dr.
Timmins, On
P4P 1H7
Tel.: (705) 360-1666
Access Better Living Inc.
733 Ross Ave. E.
Timmins, On
P4N 8S8
Tel.: (705) 268-2240


33 Ambridge Drive

P. O. Box 1028

Iroquois Falls, Ontario

Telephone: (705) 232-4095
Toll Free: (800) 461-2009
Fax: (705) 232-5471

Access / Income Testing Property Management
S-senior, F-family

375 McIntyre 15S
374 McIntyre 10S

414 - 6th Avenue 23S

Val Gagne
Lessard Street 10F
590 Lessard Street 11S

Iroquois Falls
471 De Troyes 14S
156 Picadilly Circle 25S
Union Street 12F
Campion Street 28F
628 Majestic Avenue 10S
O'Mara Drive 6F
Rent Supplement 1

15th Avenue 16F
436 - 11th Avenue 37S
6th/7th Street, 14th/15th Avenue 30F
235 - 13th Avenue 15S
Sybil/Victoria/Avenue 8F
437 - 11th Avenue 31S
R.R. #3 Genier 10S

Iroquois Falls Senior Apartment Corporation
Iroquois Falls (HS - CDSSAB)
Cochrane District Housing Support Services Inc.
P.O. Box 2100
Cochrane, On
P0L 1C0
Tel.: (705) 272-3021
22 F/S
Cochrane Temiskaming Native Housing Inc.
P.O. Box 2635
Cochrane, On
P0L 1C0
Tel.: (705) 272-5718

6 Ash Street
Kapuskasing, Ontario
P5N 2C8
Telephone: (705) 335-6179
Toll Free: (800) 667-2143
Fax: (705) 335-8199

Access / Income Testing Property Management
S-senior, F-family

Smooth Rock Falls
92 Ross Road 24S

41 Doyon Street 19S

1 Pelletier Avenue 19S

Winnipeg Street 16F
Downs/Mills/Vanier Streets
Ontario/Cabot Streets 20F
55 Cedar Street 51S
12 McPherson Avenue 49S
Brock/Ontario/Wolfe Streets 22F

Val Rita
24 Deschenaux Avenue 10S

160 Melrose Avenue 15S

Houle/McManus 9F
54 - 8th Street 24S
47 - 13th Street 24S
Rent Supplement Units 67

Kapuskasing Municipal Non-Profit Housing Corporation
Kapuskasing (HS - CDSSAB)

Town of Hearst Non-Profit Housing
P.O. Box 1540
810 George St,
Hearst, On
P0L 1N0
Tel.: (705) 372-1404
Moosonee Non-Profit Housing Corporation
P.O. Box 313
Moosonee, On
P0L 1Y0
Tel.: (705) 336-2282
Mocreebec Housing Association
Visitor St., P.O. Box 4
Moose Factory, On
P0L 1N0
Tel.: (705) 658-4769



Complete the application form and send it to the office in your area or to the office of any Provider. Your name will be placed on the waiting lists of all the housing Providers and locations you choose. The Access program and application form will answer many questions about the process. You may also contact our office.

Tenants are generally selected on the first come, first serve principle. Some applicants with unique circumstances will secure a special priority or urgent status designation. These designations must be requested and are assigned based on the documentation provided and separate from the regular waiting list. Co-operative Housing Providers also seek applicants who have expressed a willingness to assist in the functioning and managing of the co-op by becoming involved in various committees or the Board of Directors.

The waiting list is lengthy and offers of accommodation are made only when a vacancy occurs. Depending on the demand in a particular area, the wait may be several years. We encourage households to apply as soon as possible and to as many Providers and locations that they really want to live-in. We caution that limited selection of location will increase your wait. Your applicant information must be kept current. If there is a change in income, family composition or address you should notify our office immediately.

Housing Services and all Housing Providers operate in accordance with the regulations of the Housing Services Act 2011 and all legislation and municipal by-laws.

Housing Services complies with the Ontario Human Rights Code and does not discriminate against applicants because of:


Race Gender
Ancestry Sexual orientation
Place of origin Handicap or disability
Colour Age
Ethnic origin Family status
Citizenship Marital status
Religion or belief Economic disadvantage


Non-Profits and Housing Services are governed by the Residential Tenancies Act and approved By-laws.  Co-operatives are governed by the Co-operative Corporations Act and approved By-laws.

Offers of accommodation will be made by the Provider or a Housing Services office. Credit and former landlord checks may be done. Many Providers require good credit and landlord reports before offering housing. Rent-geared-to-income subsidy will not be granted to former tenants/members in arrears with any social Housing Provider.

Many Housing Providers have accommodation that is suitable for a wheelchair user. The application, Provider section, shows whether or not accessible units are available.

Supportive housing helps people live in their own apartments, with assistance. Various agencies in our District offer these services so you get help with everyday things like preparing meals, bathing, dressing and medication. Any supportive needs will be discussed at the time an offer is made.

When you complete the application and it is received by our office, the application will be reviewed for completeness. If information is missing, you will be requested to provide it within 10 business days. Your application will not be added to the waiting list until it is complete.

You will be advised in writing within 30 days whether you are eligible for rent-geared-to-income housing. If you are not eligible, you will be advised why, you have the right to comment on the decision and/or appeal the decision. You must do this within 10 business days of the letter. If you are considered eligible, your application will go on the waiting list for the Housing Providers and sites you select.


Housing subsidy, rent-geared-to-income, is available to households if:


At least one member of the household is 16 years of age or older and is able to live independently with or without support services;
Each member of the household is a Canadian citizen, or a landed immigrant, or a refugee claimant;
No deportation, departure or exclusion order has been made against any member of the household;
No member of the household owes rental arrears to any housing project under any housing program. (Includes market and/or rent-geared-to-income);

No member of the household has been convicted of an offence under section 85 of the SHRA, HSA or a crime under the Criminal Code (Canada) regarding rent-geared-to-income assistance, or found by a court of law to have misrepresented their income for the purpose of rent-geared-to-income.




Geared-to-income rent is based on the total gross household income calculated at 30 percent. Adjustments to the rent are made depending on the inclusion of utilities. The amount you pay is reviewed annually. You are required to report changes to your income, source of income and family composition changes. Co-operative Housing members pay a housing charge, which is calculated the same as rent-geared-to-income. Households receiving assistance from Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program pay rent based on a beneficiary scale from the Province of Ontario.

Market rent units are also available with Non-Profit and Co-operative Housing Providers. Market rents are established by the Provider based on rental rates for similar accommodation in the private sector. All housing units administered by Housing Services have a market rent cap. The rent-geared-to-income calculation, including utility charges, will not go above the market rent cap.

Utilities are either surcharged or deleted from rent-geared-to-income rents depending on who pays the utility. The charges or credits are set yearly by the Province of Ontario for the Cochrane District.

Rent-geared-to-income is based on all income and as such, the household is responsible to pursue any income they may be eligible for. The household may become ineligible if they do not make a reasonable effort to pursue this income.





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 Please read the Notice to Applicants prior to completing the following application.


Application for Housing (249 KB)
Cochrane District Social Services Administration Board Housing Services Access



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