From Street Outreach to Community Shelters: CDSSAB’s Plan to End Homelessness Moves Ahead

Timmins, ON – Iain De Jong is a name synonymous with solutions for ending homelessness – he wrote The Book on Ending Homelessness, in fact. He is a global leader on homelessness issues, born in Sault Ste. Marie and able to apply both a northern lens and world view on the social concerns at the heart of any discussion on how to provide safe and stable housing for people at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

Since 2021, Iain has been working with the Cochrane District Social Services Administration Board (CDSSAB) to craft a plan that will help CDSSAB achieve their goal to end homelessness by 2025. So far, he has worked to provide consultation, guidance, and training for CDSSAB staff and partner agencies to refine and evaluate a framework for significant social change.

“The Cochrane DSSAB is one of 47 service managers in Ontario with the responsibility to administer provincial funding targeted to prevent and end homelessness,” says Brian Marks, CAO Cochrane DSSAB. “To achieve our goal of ending homelessness, we needed a plan that made strategic use of the available funding. With Iain’s experience and knowledge, coupled with the province’s commitment to support upstream initiatives through additional funding, we can begin to communicate the next steps in achieving our goal.”

During the week of May 15, Iain will be in Timmins to present to City Council and the Cochrane DSSAB, with recommendations on how to move the CDSSAB’s objective forward. Throughout the week, sessions will also be conducted with community leaders, Indigenous partners, first responders, and service delivery agencies.

“Our goal to end homelessness will require support at every level,” adds Marks. “The recommendations Iain has made are not only direct delivery, but will engage frontline workers, service agencies, outreach support, provincial and federal partners. The Cochrane DSSAB is grateful to Iain for his commitment to helping us address our homelessness challenges and develop strategies to achieve our goal to end homelessness.”


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