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Paying for child care



Child care fee subsidy is a program that is intended to help families with the cost of their child care expenses. It supports eligible families by paying a portion of their total licensed child care costs as funding permits.


Fee subsidy offers an essential support for many families, helping them balance the demands of a career and family while working, pursuing education or participating in a training program.

Once you have a confirmed spot in a Child Care Centre with a service agreement with CDSSAB you can apply for Child Care Fee Subsidy by:
If you are unable to apply for Child Care Fee Subsidy you can contact us at 705-268-7722 and follow the prompts. We will go through a series of questions with you then book an appointment for you with one of our Child Care Coordinators who will determine your eligibility and begin the fee subsidy process. At this appointment you will need to provide documentation:
  • Be a resident of the Cochrane District
  • Be the child’s parent, legal guardian, temporary or kinship parent

  • The child must live in the same residence

  • File a Federal Tax Return on an annual basis

  • Have a demonstrated need for early learning and child care services

    • by attending school or professional training

    • working full-time, part-time, on call or casual

    • having a Special Needs Referral provided by Cochrane District Resource Consultant Services, a third party agency, a doctor or other professional who is currently working with you or your child.

In addition, Children's Services may request: rent receipt or mortgage information, copies of birth certificates for parents and children, proof of registration in a training or education program, child care custody information, marital status verification, recent pay stub, immigration papers. Applicants must declare all adults living in the same home and common law relationships.

Child care subsidy is also available to Ontario Works participants if attending school or participating in employment related activities. Ontario Works participants must contact their Case Manager or Employment Support Worker to discuss eligibility.

Unsure if you would qualify for subsidy? Take out your Notice of Assessment for last year and punch in your line 236 into this easy monthly income predictor.

Monthly Parental Contribution Requirement Calculator


Use this subsidy calculator to determine your monthly contribution amount for child care subsidy assistance. Please note that this calculator tool is only a guidance and is subject to change during the childcare subsidy application process.​​

Do not include a "$" or "comma" signs when you enter line 236 of your Notice of Assessment.


Household Income

Enter information from line 236 of your most recent Notice of Assessment or Notice of Reassessment for you and your partner or spouse.







Finding a licensed child care centre


At this time the Cochrane District does not have a central waiting list for child care. Each location hosts their own waitlist. Waitlist varies as it goes by a variety of factors. Just because you call on a certain date may not necessarily get you a spot. For example, a centre may have a spot now that is full time. If you only need one day a week, you will not be selected over someone who requires a full time spot. Each centre has their own process for their waitlist. We recommend that you call the centres you wish your child to go to as soon as possible and that you inquire what their process is for their waitlist. No child care centre should charge a fee for their waitlist as it against the regulations in the Child Care and Early Years Act. Please find a list below of the current child care centre’s in our district.



Cochrane Child Care Centre

Garde d'enfants de Cochrane




Garderie Bouts de Chou

Hearst – Agence Familigarde



Centre Educatif Rayon de Soleil Etoile de Nord Site

Garderie Clin D'oeil, Ecole Sts-Martyrs-Canadiens Site

Iroquois Falls Before and After School Program – St. Anne's




Kiddies' Korner Day Care

Kiddies' Korner Before and After School Program – St. Patrick's

Centre Educatif Rayon de Soleil
Andre Carey 705-367-4032
Jacques Cartier 705-332-0516
Coeur de Nord 705-367-6481
Moonbeam 705- 332-2086




Tikinagan Day Care Centre

Waweniwin Learning Centre


Centre Educatif Rayon de Soleil Ecole
Lionel Gauthier 705-363-6406
Riverside 705-288-6870
St. Gerard 705-288-6857
St. Jude 705-221-5287
Theriault 705-288-6865


Friends Forever Childcare Centre (Former Bambi's Castle)

La Mosaic Montessori Centre

Little Saplings
3255 Airport Rd

Oppekehawaso Wekamik Centre

Precious Children Day Care
98 Mountjoy St S
Stork's Early Years Childcare Centre
686 College St

Timmins Family Y.M.C.A.
705-360-4381 (Must call this number to register at any of their locations)

Child Care Centres (Infant to School Age)
  Poplar Avenue Child Care (Main location)
  Balsam Street Child Care (Pope Francis School)
  Moore Street Child Care (South Porcupine)

  Croatia Avenue Child Care Centre (Schumacher)
Before & After School Programs 
  Bertha Shaw Public School
  St. Joseph Catholic School
  Timmins Centennial Public School
  W.E. Miller Public School



Timmins & District

Northern Treasures Licensed Home Child Care

(Operated by Cochrane District Social Services Administration Board)
1-705-268-7722, ext. 275
1-877-259-7722, ext. 275
Licensed home child care servicing the District of Cochrane 

2022 Wage Enhancement Application for Service Providers


This is the 2022 Wage Enhancement Application for Service Providers with a Service Contract with CDSSAB for 2022. The application must be completed by the Service Provider and returned to Shannon Costello, Director of Children’s Services no later than February 25, 2022 in order to be considered for funding. If you have any questions about the application, please contact Shannon Costello at 705-268-7722 ext 225 or via email at Costells@cdssab.on.ca


2022 Wage Enhancement Application (Centre Based)

2022 Wage Enhancement Application (Home Based)