The CDSSAB Housing Department is responsible for the administration and funding of housing, affordable and homelessness programs in the Cochrane District.


The department is the Service Manager for the District of Cochrane and is responsible for the oversight of 2428 Housing Units (175 Co-operative Housing Units, 611 Non-Profit Units, 124 Rent Supplement Units, 32 Supportive Living Units and 1284 LHC) housing units. Of those Housing Units, CDSSAB directly manages a housing portfolio of 1284 units, 178 rent supplement units. There is a mixed ratio of market rent & rent geared-to-income units for families, seniors, couples and single people.  Eligible applicants are placed on a chronological centralized waitlist with special priority status assigned based on an eligibility criteria set out in the Housing Services Act, 2011 and CDSSAB Local Rules. 


Ontario Priority Housing Initiative provide grants from the Ministry for home renovations (shingles, foundation repairs, accessibility modifications etc) & 10 % down payment for homeowners are administered through the Housing Department.


Applicants are encouraged to apply and inquire on the various Housing Programs and grants available.